Survey sites have been around for years and are so easy to complete. You can quickly stack up some extra cash and let’s face it, who wouldn’t love to get paid for your opinions?

In this post you’ll find:

  • My most recommended, highest paying survey sites to try
  • A simple breakdown of how each site works and how you’ll be paid
  • Top tips to get selected for more surveys and earn even more cash!

Some survey sites are more worthwhile than others and trust me, I’ve tried them all!

Let’s go for it…

What are survey sites?

Before we get into it, some of you may have never heard of survey sites and might be wondering what they actually are, am I right?

Survey sites are websites where you can get paid either in cash, gift cards and sometimes even products just for answering questions for market research companies.

How long do they take?

Most surveys take between 10-30 minutes, so you can do them anytime you have a spare half hour.

(I usually do them on my lunch break at work while scoffing a meal deal at my desk.)

You can even pause some surveys and come back to them if you run out of time.

Can anyone do these surveys?

Pretty much yes!

Sometimes they are looking for certain profiles e.g. mums over 35 or people working in certain sectors.

They’ll let you know pretty early on if you’re eligible to continue.

How long does it take for survey sites to payout? 

It completely depends on each company to be honest. Some may let you cashout instantly and some may only pay you once you’ve reached a certain amount of points or cash.

Once you’ve reached the point of cashing out, a month is the longest time I’ve seen for the money to reach your account. 

Which survey sites pay the most?

If completing surveys for cash sounds like your cup of tea, then let’s get to it!

Here are my top survey sites I use on a daily basis to earn some extra money.

#1 Prolific Academic

prolific survey site

Prolific Academic is my top choice because it’s so easy to use and there are always surveys recommended for you when you log in. The surveys you’re completing are all for academics so the topics are really interesting!

You can earn anything from 30p to £10 per survey and even bigger bucks for larger projects.

Cashout from: £5

Payment type: PayPal

#2 Oh My Dosh

oh my dosh cashback

Oh My Dosh works a little differently to most survey sites. It works like a cashback site so you get paid to sign up to offers and deals. You can also complete trials and surveys, which makes it even easier to earn money.

Earn £1 just for signing up!

Cashout from: £10

Payment type: Bank account or PayPal

#3 YouGov

yougov survey site

If you’re interested in politics and current affairs, YouGov will be right up your street! A lot of stats you see in the news about the public are pulled from this survey site, how cool is that?

The surveys are short and there are daily surveys so you’re guaranteed points on a daily basis. And as we all know, points mean prizes!

yougov survey reward

Cashout from: £50 (5,000 points – it can take a while but so worth it!)

Payment type: Bank transfer

#4 Valued Opinions

valued opinions survey site

Valued Opinions is my favourite site for earning gift cards. There are loads of options from popular High Street names like:

  • Amazon
  • Costa
  • Cineworld
  • Topshop
  • M&S

Some gift cards even now come as e-gift cards so you don’t have to wait for the postman, you can use yours asap. You can earn up to £5 per survey, though most are between 25p-£1.

It’s a great way to earn gift cards as gifts for loved ones or just on things like the weekly food shop or a trip to the cinema.

Cashout from: £8

Payment type: Gift card of your choice from their selection

#5 Swagbucks

swagbucks survey

Swagbucks gets mixed reviews but to be honest, I really like it!

Stack up points by answering surveys on their user-friendly site.

The best part? It’s not just surveys.

You can do all sorts on here to earn points too, like get paid to watch videos, sign up to product trials and more.

I like to save mine up until someone’s birthday or Christmas and cashout to buy pressies.

Earn £3 just for signing up!

Cashout from: £5

Payment type: PayPal or a gift card of your choice from their selection on site

#6 Pinecone Research

Pinecone research survey site

Sign up to Pinecone Research  offers £3 per survey, making it one of the highest-paying survey sites. You can also cash out straight away, there isn’t any threshold to reach. The surveys are also really easy and straight forward, but they are few and far between.

Another catch is, they’re often closed to new sign ups but keep checking back on this one, as it’s worth it when you do get surveys!

Cashout from: £3 (straight after each survey basically)

Payment type: PayPal or Amazon gift card

#7 Toluna

toluna survey sites

Joining Toluna is really easy and it’s one of the longest-running survey sites that I can think of. They’ll ask you to complete a welcome survey and find out more about you then the rest is up to you!

Cashout from: £10 (aka 60,000 points – sounds like a lot but it quickly adds up)

Payment type: PayPal or choose from a range of gift cards on their site

#8 InboxPounds

inbox pounds survey sites

Sign up to InboxPounds and get £1 just for joining! Answer an intro survey to let them know about you and from there, the amount you earn is all up to you.

You can earn points by answering surveys, take advantage of their exclusive deals, and even get paid just for searching the web via their site!

Cashout from: £20

Payment type: Prepaid Mastercard or gift card of your choice from their selection

#9 UserTribe

usertribe survey sites

Join UserTribe and you’ll get the opportunity to earn big bucks with their surveys and focus groups. Sign up for free and they’ll email you when they are looking for relevant people to participate. 

The criteria can be very specific, but if you’re the right fit, the payout is absolutely worth it!

usertribe opportunities

Cashout from: The amount that’s offered once you’ve completed the survey / focus group

Payment type: PayPal or Amazon gift cards

#10 OnePoll

onepoll survey site

OnePoll gives you the chance to answer really interesting surveys that could feature on the news! This is a very active survey community site so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to earn extra cash on this platform.

Earn £2.50 just for signing up!

Cashout from: £40

Payment type: Bank transfer or PayPal

#11 LifePoints

lifepoints survey site

Sign up to LifePoints today and start earning ‘life points’ for completing surveys and activities. It’s got lots of fun quizzes and surveys on there to complete about your lifestyle etc. so it’s a nice easy site. 

Cashout from: £5 (5,500 LifePoints) 

Payment type: PayPal or gift cards from a list on their site

#12 Panel Opinion

panel opinion

Panel Opinion is a really good paying survey site, but only if you qualify for them. There are lots to choose from and as you can see in the picture, you can earn up to £45 per survey. They also have a monthly draw where you can win a whopping £250!

Cashout from: £10 

Payment type: BACS, PayPal or Bank cheque

#13 Survey Pronto

survey pronto survey sites

Survey Pronto is one of the best worldwide survey sites and has daily opportunities available each time you log in. I haven’t reached the payment threshold yet and can’t seem to find it on site so will update this when I hit it.

Payment type: PayPal

#14 Pureprofile

pure profile survey sites

Pureprofile is another survey site to help you top up your bank account. Signing up is really easy too, just tell them a bit about yourself and the more you answer, the more you get rewarded! 

Cashout from: £20

Payment type: Bank, Paypal or even things like cinema tickets, petrol and investments (depending on where you live)

#15 Answer Points

Answer points survey site

Sign up to Answer Points and start earning straight away to build up your rewards earning potential. They’ll send you questions and the more you answer, the more points you’ll score.

They also have a fab prize draw, where you can enter with 50 points to win amazing prizes like an Apple iPad mini or £250 vouchers.

Cashout from: £5 (500 points)

Payment type: Amazon gift card (or you can donate to Macmillan Cancer Support) 

#16 Mindmover

Mindmover survey site

Join Mindmover and you can earn cash on surveys and win prizes too! On top of your traditional online surveys, you can also join weekly discussions with other members too, which I think is pretty cool. 

Surveys available are usually worth between 50 – 1,000 points (50p- £10) 

Cashout from: £20 (2,000 points)

Payment type: PayPal or Amazon gift cards

#17 Your Say Pays

your say pays survey site

Sign up to Your Say Pays and boost your oppotunities of earning money from survey sites. The surveys on this site are very varied, and you can be answering questions on anything from shopping, technology, public services and much more.  

Unlike some sites, surveys aren’t available every day but they will email you when opportunities become available. 

Cashout from: £20 

Payment type: PayPal or Amazon gift cards

#18 iPoll

ipoll survey site

iPoll is another fab survey site with daily opportunites available for you to get paid for your opinion. They also have an app so it’s great for doing surveys while you’re on the train to work, walking the dog or stuck in a supermarket queue. 

Again, I’ve not reached the payment threshold on this one yet and can’t seem to find it anywhere so I’ll keep you posted!

Payment type: PayPal or Amazon gift card

#19 Opinion Bureau 

opinion bureau survey site

Opinion Bureau is another really easy to use survey site with lots of surveys available, meaning more quick cash for you! Fill in an initial profile survey and they’ll send you any available surveys from there.

Cashout from: £10 

Payment type: PayPal or Amazon 

#20 Newvista

newvista survey site

Newvista (recently partnered with Toluna) also offer regular surveys for you to stack up some extra pennies. It’s very community focused, and offers you the chance to engage with others on the platform, as well as answering questions on current affairs, fashion and more.

You get 1 point per pence, and they say a typical survey is around 100 points (£1.) So quite a slow burner this one but every little helps! 

They also have weekly prize draws where you can win £50, always a plus.

Cashout from: £50 (5,000 points)

Payment type: Bank cheque (old school!) 

#21 Populus Live

populus live survey site

Join Populus Live’s online community and earn up to £1 for every 5 minutes. They also have monthly prize draws so you can earn extra on top. Once you’ve filled out your initial sign up profile survey, they’ll email you with opportunities like other sites.

Cashout from: £50 

Payment type: Bank cheque 

#22 Qmee

Qmee survey site

Qmee is a fab site where you get paid to search the web but also for completing surveys too.  It’s so easy to make money by just searching on google and by completing quick and interesting surveys.

Sign up and you’ll see a surveys tab to get started. They also have a mobile app too, which makes it really handy for earning cash on the go.

Cashout from: As far as I’m aware you can cashout anytime you earn anything so straight away 

Payment type: PayPal 

#23 InstGC 

instaGC survey sites

InstaGC (Instant Gift Cards) does exactly what it says on the tin. It rewards you with gift cards for doing things you already do online. This includes watching videos, shopping online, searching the web and of course, surveys. 

Cashout from: Just £1!

Payment type: Choose from over a whopping 340 gift cards on site

#24 Opinion Hive

opinion hive survey site

Opinion Hive is one of the better-designed survey sites of the bunch, and it’s very bright and easy to use. Log in and enter some details about yourself and they’ll email you exciting new surveys to complete.

Cashout from: £50 (5,000 points) 

Payment type: Amazon or Marks & Spencer gift card 

#25 Crowdology

crowdology survey site

Crowdology is a great, user-friendly site and you can earn up to £10 for each survey!

I really like this site because it’s so easy to sign up and use, whereas other sites tend to be a bit more clunky or difficult to cashout.

Cashout from: £4 (PayPal) or £10 (Amazon gift card)

#26 Maximiles

maximiles cashback

Maximiles is another great survey site where you can quickly rack up points to cashout. Like a few others I’ve listed, it also doubles up as a cashback site, where you can access exclusive discounts and offers and earn money while you shop.

Cashout from: 1,640 points

Payment type: You pick a product from their catalogue (over 300 products)

Top tips for completing surveys & earning more

If you’re going to sign up there are a few hints and tips to make the most cash that have helped me along the way.

Be honest & complete your profile

The more information you can give a survey site, the more likely they are to recommend relevant surveys for you to complete.

They choose you for surveys based on demographics like age, gender, location, career sectors, etc.

Sometimes you just won’t be suitable, which is ok.

It’s best not to lie because they might clock on and screen you out of surveys.

Set up a separate email

I’m not going to lie, you will get spammed with emails when you sign up to these sites. For this reason, I definitely recommend setting up a separate email to make sure you never miss an opportunity, but also so you don’t miss any important emails in a sea of survey emails.

Don’t forget to check your junk too when you sign up!

Check your emails for extra opportunities

Quite often you can earn more survey points if you agree to let survey sites email you with more opportunities, so it’s definitely worth doing this.

As I’ve mentioned before with things like comping and applying for freebies, it’s best to set up a separate email as you will get a lot and it’s easier to manage and monitor opportunities this way.

Sometimes companies who aren’t survey sites will also offer surveys in exchange for gift cards like this email I got from Go Daddy.

go daddy survey

Join groups & communities

There are loads of people out there also earning cash from surveys, and Facebook groups like this one will help you keep up to date, ask questions and help others.

Sign up through a site like Survey Compare

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed signing up for multiple survey sites, sites like Survey Compare do it all for you, which saves you so much time filling in the same profiles over and over.

That’s it from me, what are you waiting for? Get earning now!

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