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    Freebies & Giveaway Wins March & April (2018)

    May 15, 2018
    Hello everyone! So, I’ve got a confession to make. I haven’t put as much effort into freebie finding and comping lately.
    That’s because I handed in my notice in at work in March and have been focusing on building my own eBay business.
    So sourcing stock, packing up orders at night after work and nipping out to the post office on lunch have all taken priority.
    On top of that, we’ve finally got round to doing the bathroom – HURRAH!
    Like with the kitchen, we’ve taken the DIY/budget approach so we’ve taken all the tiles off ourselves and bought the toilet, sink and bathroom all from different places, which are just sitting in the flat because our plumber couldn’t come until this week.
    As you can imagine, there is literally stuff everywhere!
    Among all the chaos, it was still a pretty decent couple of months for freebies.
    See for yourself…

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    How To Save For A House (While Renting)

    May 5, 2018

    Last year our money-saving abilities were really put to the test when we decided to get our foot on the property ladder and purchase our first property.

    That’s right, we wanted to try and save for a house while renting.

    Were we mad?


    We were far away from home so moving back in parents wasn’t an option.

    So we had to find ways to cut our budget and save enough for a deposit while renting.

    How did we do it?

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    How to find free giveaways on social media

    April 20, 2018

    If you’re addicted to scrolling and snooping on social media like me, you can put all that to good use and score yourself a freebie with social media giveaways!

    Brands run giveaways on their social media pages all the time, so it’s good to chuck them a like or a follow so their giveaways appear in your newsfeed. I’ve won LOADS of stuff over the years this way so I definitely recommend it.

    The best sites I use for giveaways are:

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • Pinterest

    Here is how I go about finding giveaways on each platform… Continue reading…

    supermarket cashback apps

    Supermarket cashback apps – how to save money on your weekly shop

    March 16, 2018

    Supermarket cashback apps are one of my favourite ways to cut down my weekly supermarket shop bill.

    You can get major discounts and freebies on these apps, which can cut your food bill in half!

    If you time it right and combine these apps with coupons, we’re talking serious savings.

    I managed to eat for free for a week using a mix of supermarket cashback apps and coupons at one point.

    When I totted everything up, I realised this saved me a whopping £100!

    I’ve been using these apps for a couple of years now and I must have saved hundreds on my food shop and I want to show you that you can do the same. Continue reading…

    Groupon day out - Alpaca farm

    Groupon days out – a day at Pennybridge Alpaca Farm

    February 26, 2018

    Our family are huge fans of Groupon, especially their days out!

    Every birthday, Christmas or special occasion that warrants a gift, usually contains an exciting little slip with a random day out or adventure.

    Past exploits include a spa day, a trip to the zoo, a sports car experience, the list goes on.

    This time, it was my turn to receive a lovely Groupon surprise day out! Continue reading…

    Free L'occitane Nov-dec (2017)

    Freebies & competition wins Nov & Dec (2017)

    January 5, 2018

    Happy New Year everyone! It was a fab couple of months for freebies towards the end of last year.

    So I thought I’d share with you everything that I got for free in the lead up to Christmas!

    There were some great little nick nacks for gifts and hampers, which helped us save a lot for Christmas.

    If you’re wondering how I get all this stuff for free, check out my article on how to get free stuff in the post.

    To any fellow freebie finders, I hope the past couple of months have been as good to you as they have been to me! Continue reading…