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    free fabric samples

    How to get unlimited free fabric, tile & floor samples for your home

    If you follow the blog or know me, you might know we recently got on the ladder and bought a ‘fixer upper’ property.

    We’ve embarked on a complete rehaul and tried to save money on every aspect of DIY in the process.

    Who knew kitchens, bathrooms and furniture were soo expensive??

    One thing I discovered along the way is how much the little details count.

    What colour flooring to get, what curtain fabric to use, which tiles will go best in the kitchen or bathroom.

    So naturally, I went on a free sample frenzy and made a list of all the places to find free interior design samples.

    It didn’t help my serious case of decision fatigue, but it did save us from making any expensive mistakes on the above.

    Hopefully, you’ll find these as useful as we have! Continue reading…