Christmas is my favourite time a year, but it’s really easy to get carried away and spend a fortune! Plus, what do you buy those who are super savvy or trying to avoid debt this festive season?

My Etsy Gift Guide this year is inspired by savvy savers. There’s plenty of planners, savings jars, side hustle trackers and loads more available on Etsy! Even better, my featured gifts start from less than £2 and won’t set you back any more than £10.

Let’s dive in…

Purses & Card Holders

Purses and card holders make the perfect presents and stocking fillers. These adorable options from Bluecat Mum Designs are so cute and perfect for storing cash, with a handy compartment for cards too.

I found it hard to choose my favourites, but here they are:

  1. Hare Purse & Card Holder £9.20
  2. Black Floral Coin Purse & Card Holder – £9.20
  3. Sausage Dog Coin Purse & Card Holder – £9.20
  4. Bumble Bee Coin Purse & Card Holder – £9.20

Check out the full range and order yours for a loved one this Christmas and look at more purses.

DIY Coupons

If your loved one is a keen couponer, they’ll absolutely love these DIY coupons!

  1. Christmas Coupon Book – £6.06
  2. Retro Printable Coupons – £4.80
  3. Printable Christmas Coupons – £2.57

Some include the designs so you can edit and print yourself, and some send the physical coupons by post – make sure you check before ordering.

Check out more Christmas coupons

Money Saving Jars

Money saving jars are a quirky option for people who are counting the pennies and saving for something special. There are lots of quirky options on Etsy, including:

  1. Holiday Fund Travel Jar – £9.99
  2. Wedding Fund Jar – £6.50 (Plus £3.50 postage)
  3. Tattoo Fund Jar – £5 (Plus £3 postage)

Look at more money-saving jars

Cash Envelopes

Cash envelopes are great for serious savers who are looking for sensible ways to budget their cash. To give you more of an idea of what they look like, here are a range of envelopes, wallets, plus trackers to add on the front of each envelope for a quick glance to see how much is left in each envelope.

  1. Pack of 6 Money Envelopes – £5 (Plus £1.10 postage)
  2. Cash Envelope Trackers Pack of 5 – £1.99 (Plus 60p postage)
  3. Cash Envelopes System Labelled Wallets – £5.40 per envelope

Find more cash envelopes

Money-saving gift ideas – Budget Planners

Another gift option for money savers is these pretty and practical budget planners. These are digital, so you can send your loved one this in an email or print it on nice paper for them and pop it in a folder.

  1. Monthly Bill Tracker £2.14
  2. Master Your Money Financial Tracker £5.23
  3. Finance Planner – £7.90
  4. Budget Planner – £7.68

Check out more budget planners and printables

Saving trackers

Everyone loves a printable! If you know someone who is saving for a specific goal i.e. a new house or car, this is a fab incentive to help support them.

  1. Savings Goal Jar Tracker – £2.10
  2. Honey Pot Savings Tracker – £2.86
  3. Thermometer Savings Tracker – £2.82
  4. House Savings Tracker – £2.85

Again, these are digital prints so it’s worth figuring out if you’d like to email or print on fancy paper.

Look at more savings trackers and printables

More money-saving gifts

Etsy has so many gift ideas, I could be here all day! Here are a few more to help inspire you:

Thanks for looking and hopefully I’ve given you some good ideas for the savvy saver in your life this Christmas! If you’re still looking for gift inspiration, check out Etsy’s top gifts for under £30.

This is an Etsy collaborative post and contains affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission if you decide to purchase any of the items in this post, at no extra cost to yourself. Offers valid at the time of posting 12/12/2019.

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