freebies & comp wins jan - feb 2018

Freebies & Competition Wins Jan & Feb (2018)

Hello folks, it’s time for another freebie roundup!

January was a bit slow and I didn’t get back into the swing of freebie finding until mid-Jan, but I think I still did ok.

So this is everything I got for free the last two months.

Beauty freebies

Free Benefit Eyebrow Kit

This was such a good freebie!

Debenhams beauty club give away a freebie every month and this month you could choose a Benefit product.

free Benefit brow kit

It’s free to join, you just pop in every month and scan your free loyalty card to claim yours.

It was a choice between either this or their ‘Pore Fessional’ Primer.

I’ve had a Clinique eyebrow pencil that I’ve been holding onto for ages so it was about time I upgraded.

To be honest, the primer was tiny so I’m glad I chose this one instead!

Free Garnier Pure Active Charcoal

I was so close to buying this a couple of weeks ago but I’m so glad I waited!

free garnier face wash and face mask

I got an email from Garnier with a link to fill in a form to get this fab full-sized face wash.

Plus, I also got a pure charcoal mask with it!

Free Alien perfume samples

This was one of Thierry Mugler’s many mass giveaways.

free Alien perfume samples

There were 20,000 available and it was a simple form to fill in and they sent it to your door.

Free Sanctuary Cleanse Mask

This was a freebie on their Instagram stories, these went within 10 mins I think!

I found these the other day in Boots and they’re a whopping £5 so I’m glad I managed to score one for free.

Free Sanctuary and Garnier Masks

Free Garnier Charcoal Face Mask

Yes, ANOTHER Garnier Face Mask.

I think this was a So Post flash giveaway where you fill in a form and they pop it through your door.

free sanctuary and garnier face masks

Free Your Good Skin beauty bundle

This is a new brand to the UK and currently exclusive to Boots.

They had a ‘Your Good Skin 28 Day Challenge’ on their homepage and you just had to fill in a form about your skin.

free skincare freebies

I think they’re doing more of these so chuck them a follow on social media to see when their next one is.

I applied in Nov but only got mine in Jan so it does take a while but it’s worth it.

Free The modernist perfume sample

I don’t know if these are well known but they had a lot of these to give away.

free modernist perfume mini sample

I think they’re fairly new based on branding etc. but it was a good sized sample and it’s a pretty nice scent actually.

You had to add this to your basket and checkout to have it delivered in the post for free.

Free Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb perfume sample

This is one of my favourite perfumes and it seems like they are always giving them away!

Free Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Perfume

They had 10,000 to give away on their Facebook page when you filled in a form and I got it in the post a couple of weeks after.

Free Elemis Superfood Serum Sachets

I love saving stuff like this up for when I go on holiday so I’ve not actually tried it yet.

The ingredients look like they’ll do my skin some good though!

free Elemis Super Food samples

This was a sponsored post that popped up on my Facebook page with a form so it’s always worth looking out for these on your feed.

The Body Shop – Drops of Youth Serum Mini

The Body Shop is great for giveaways!

They had something like 18,000 vouchers on their Facebook page that you print in-store and pick up.

Free Body Shop Drops of Youth Serum

This stuff is really good and I genuinely feel like after a rough night’s sleep it helps my skin feel nice and fresh.

Free Britney Spears ‘Midnight Fantasy’ perfume

This was another nice little surprise that popped up on my social media feed as a sponsored post.

Free Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy Perfume

I think I’ll pop this free Britney Spears perfume in with my other collection for holidays 🙂

Free Clinique Blackhead Solutions sachet

This was advertised on their Facebook page and when we popped into Boots, the woman even gave us a mini demo of it.

Even after just a small sachet, it seemed to help reduce the look of my blackheads.

Free Clinique Blackhead Solutions

I’m a big fan of Clinique and they’re always giving away free samples so check out their social media.

Free Estee Lauder Advanced Night Serum x 2

I nipped down to Debenhams quite late on in January to see if they had any of these left from their Beauty Club giveaway.

Free Estee Lauder Advanced Night Serum

Luckily they had one left!

I think it was then about a week later there was a flash So Post giveaway (a simple form to fill in which I found on Instagram)

So I stocked up!

Free Rituals shower foam

Only a day after I picked up the last Estee Lauder giveaway, I was back again for the next Debenhams Beauty Club giveaway.

Free Debenhams Beauty Club Rituals Foam

This full-sized freebie was probably one of the best ones I’ve had from them.

After the Benefit brow kit, of course!

It smells amazing too!

Free GLAMGLOW Face Mask

This Supercleanse mask from GLAMGLOW was probably one of my favourite face masks I’ve tried in a while!

Free GLAMGLOW Face Mask

It was another So Post freebie so these went fast.

You could choose from two types but I went for this one because it suited my skin type better.

Free MONU SKIN Sachets

MONU were giving away 1,000 of these on their site and all you had to do was fill in their form and like their Facebook page.

Free Monu Skin Sample Sachets

I got this lovely little envelope with a Brightening Boost and Micro Exfoliant face sachets to try.

Free SUU balm relieving cream

This is good for anyone who has dry skin or suffers from eczema.

Free SUU Balm

It’s definitely worth following these guys on social media because they usually run giveaways for free mini bottles and samples.

I have really dry skin in some areas so it was nice to try this and it was very soothing as well!

Free L’Oreal Hydra Genius Aloe Water Sachet

If I remember correctly, this was a flash giveaway from L’Oreal on their website.

Free LOreal Genius Water

They were giving away quite a few I think but it lasted less than a day.

It was so nice on my skin but I just wish I got more to try!

Free Pai Skincare Kit

I got this freebie in the post and it was a lovely surprise!

free pai skincare goodies

This was on Elle Magazine’s website and they ran out rapid.

They then messaged me to say unfortunately I hadn’t been selected.

I saw this had happened to a few people on Instagram, but one girl had been sent a link by them to receive some free samples as a goodwill gesture and shared the link with us.

A few days later, both my sample AND skincare set with showed up.


Free Guinot Mini Samples

If you’re a fan a good Twitter giveaway, it helps to have your finger on the pulse, as this giveaway was for the first 50 people to retweet them.

free guinot mini skincare freebies twitter giveaway

Being a little cheeky here!

It came with a £1.50 postage charge so I emailed them and they sent me EVEN MORE samples, which was really nice of them!

This was also a nice follow up to my free Guinot hamper last month.

Hair freebies

Free L’Oreal Botanicals Shampoo Sachets x 3

This was a MEGA L’Oreal giveaway to promote their new Botanics range.

Free LOreal Botanic Shampoo Sample Sachets

There were a whopping 70,000 to give away and it was a nice simple form to get them delivered.

Free L’Oreal Coconut Hair Mask Sachets x 3

Another mega L’Oreal hair freebie on their site on the same day.

Free LOreal Coconut Hair Mask

There were 30,000 of these and they made my hair smell so nice!

Free John Frieda

I’ve had a few John Frieda freebies the last couple of months.

Free John Frieda Hair Sachet

They were giving away loads again in a So Post giveaway on a first come, first serve basis.

Free Garnier Hair Dye

Garnier was giving away free hair dyes on their Instagram stories page.

Free Garnier Olia Hair Dye

I went for pink because my sister’s just died her hair that colour and they didn’t have any colours I liked.

I’ve not dyed my hair in years but it was a fab full-sized hair freebie for anyone who does!

Free Batiste Blow Dry Accelerator

This was another product test freebie.

Trnd was giving away 1,000 and I’m so glad I got to try it!

free batiste dry shampoo blow dry

I love Batiste dry shampoo and my hair is so thick it takes forever to dry.

This product is some kind of miracle worker because it genuinely cut my blow-drying time in half.

I will definitely be buying this when it hits the shelves!

I definitely recommend you sign up and check your emails because spots fill up quickly.

Free stuff for men

Free Dior Sauvage

This was a simple Boots website giveaway – they had 5,000!

free dior sauvage mens sample

I thought I’d apply for George to try but I think he’ll always be a Prada man.

Free Hawkins & Brimble Shaving Cream

Hawkins & Brimble are a new brand and they were giving out freebies on their site to promote their new products.

free Hawkins & Brimble shaving cream sample sachets

I always apply for shaving cream freebies because they’re pretty useful for our travels.

You just had to add your samples to the basket and checkout for free.

Free Y by YSL Eau De Toilette sample

This was another men’s aftershave sample spray giveaway.

Free YSL Y Aftershave sample for men

I can’t remember how I got this one, but it’s another one for George to try.

Food & drink

Free Bar of Dairy Milk

This was part of their new ad campaign where they had 10,000 to give away in a flash giveaway.

free bar of cadbury dairy milk chocolate

These went within hours!

I saw other people getting them online and lost hope then mine showed up while I was working from home on a snow day.


Free Domino’s Pizza

They were opening a new store in Guildford and if you signed up on their Facebook form you got emailed a free code to redeem at the new store.

Free Dominos pizza - opening offer

I obviously couldn’t wait to head down there and claim my free pizza!

free Dominos pizza

Free Marmite Pots & money-off vouchers

Marmite were giving their new gene project campaign a HUGE push by giving away a whopping 250,000 free 16g mini pots.

free Marmite

I’ve added the link for you to apply for your free Marmite in case it’s still running.

All you have to do is pop your details in the form and they’ll send yours in the post with a coupon too.

Free Healthspan Protein Shake & Vitamins

Healthspan were giving these free protein packs away when you downloaded their app.

Free Healthspan Protein goodies

I got it in the post when I filled out my details on the app.

It was really fast delivery and they came very quick!

Free Lee Kum Kee set

On the back of me winning a free Lee Kum Kee Chilli Oil Sauce in my last freebies roundup, there was a follow-up giveaway where you could post a pic of your sauce on Instagram to win 1 of 3,000 free sets using their hashtag.

free lee kum kee competition

A couple of days after I posted my pic they messaged me on Instagram to ask for my address and sent this lovely set out.

The full gift included a free cookbook set, Chinese stamps, Sauce Sachets, and bookmark.

Free Chewy Moon Snacks

TECHNICALLY these are for kids but I couldn’t resist.

I love a good snack box and ordered this for just 1p.

Chewy moon free box

These were surprisingly tasty too.

Inside Chewy Moon freebie box

My favourite was the pizza sticks, obviously!

Inside free chewy moon box

This offer is ongoing so sign up now to claim yours

Just remember to cancel your subscription after you’ve ordered your first box.

Free Change 4 Life Stickers & Vouchers

Have you heard those 100 calorie snack adverts?

They’re quite annoying but I think they work.

free Change 4 Life 100 calorie snacks

They are giving away free vouchers for discount 100 calorie snacks for you and your family over on their website change4life coupons

This is an ongoing thing so sign up for free and they pop the booklet through your door.

free change4life stickers

You also get some nice little stickers, too.

Free McDonald’s Flat White x 2

The Metro was giving away free flat white vouchers so I grabbed a couple for us to pick up when it was absolutely baltic!

free McDonald's Metro Coupons

We picked ours up on the way to our lovely day trip the Pennybridge Alpaca Farm.

free McDonald's Coffees

Free Truly Irish Protein Shake

I’ve honestly no idea where this one came from!

Free Truly Irish Shake

It was lactose-free though and tasted delicious.

Free Jar of Nutella

Shopmium freebie when my other half George signed up to Shopmium using my code.

Free Pancake Day Freebies - including Nutella

Perfect for Pancake Day!

Shopmium freebies

Psst… you can get it too if you use code: KHKCYCEN

Free Giraffe Coffee

This was a Facebook promotion where you just popped in and quoted it and got a free coffee.

Free Giraffe coffee

I love Giraffe coffee, especially on Wednesday’s when they do small coffees for 50p and big ones for £1.

This one tasted even better because it was free and in the freezing cold weather!

Free BOL Salad Pots & What a Melon Drinks

BOL pots are often on Shopmium and they’re so yummy!

Most of them are Vegan, too.

More supermarket shopmium cashback freebies

I finally persuaded George to sign up and we both got a BOL Salad and 2 What A Melon Drinks from Waitrose.

Then we got our free coffee thanks to our loyalty card!

Free Lindt Excellence Chocolate Bar

A free gift for George that popped up on Shopmium.

free lindt chocolate from shopmium

Sometimes you’ll get free gifts on the app if you’ve not used it for a while, and they’re usually a sweet treat!

Free Box of Whole Earth Sweetener

This was a fun one where you could choose from a number of resolutions on their website and they sent yours in the post.

I obviously didn’t stick to mine, oops!

free sweetener and vegetarian book

More freebies & wins

Free ‘The New Age Diet’ book

A lovely company in India was giving away LOADS of free books, so I chose this vegetarian one.

I chose a few others as well, which hopefully will show up later!

Free Colgate Whitening Toothpaste & Mouthwash

Lovely freebies both from Home Tester Club, who give away freebies in exchange for an honest review.

free colgate toothpaste

I got sent these and then I got an email a couple of weeks after asking me to give my review.

Pretty good sized freebies to be fair!

free Colgate mouthwash

I’ve signed up for a few more campaigns so hopefully, I get to try more things.

Free Bamboo Toothbrush

free kooloir eco-friendly toothbrush

A brand called Koolio were giving away free bamboo toothbrushes on their website, where you signed up to their newsletter and they sent yours in the post.

You could choose from a range of colours, I picked red.

free toothbrush and arm and hammer toothpaste

Free Total Pro Clean Repair

I won this in a website quiz giveaway in December but it didn’t come until January.

free Arm & Hammer toothpaste & coupon

There were 1,000 to give away but I wasn’t sure I’d get one because I was a bit late to clock onto this one, but I still got one.

Such a useful freebie and the coupon was great because it’s quite pricey in some places.

Free Women’s Razor

Perfect pins have done a few giveaways where they release an exclusive code and you checkout for free on their site.

free perfect pins razor

They then pop it in the post for you.

I save mine for when we go away, another handy freebie!

Free ‘Will you be my bridesmaid?’ cards

No, I don’t think George should run for the hills just yet, this was a freebie I got from a magazine I think?

free bridesmaid cards

They are quite cute though so I might save them for later 😉

bridesmaid card freebie

Free Heart of the country scent packet

This was such a lovely freebie!

free scented sachets

Their site crashed when the freebie sites got hold of it but I’m glad I waited because it smells amazing and it’s great to get rid of those charity shop lingering scents.

Free Lintbells YuMOVE Dog Joint Development

As with all dog freebies, I send these home to my parents for our lovely cocker spaniel, Barney.

free dog joint tablets

This was a website giveaway that they run every now and again so keep an eye out for when they restock!

Free ECO 3 Wash Sachets x 3

You’ll often get a certain number of runner-up prizes to bigger comps, so it’s always worth entering.

This is a great example of that.

free ECO cleaning refills - 500 available

You had to like, comment and tag a friend on Facebook and they picked a winner at random.

With the main prize, you could win a year’s supply of cleaning products.

500 runners-up then got an email later on and you had to act fast to be one of the first 500.

Luckily I scored some of this stuff, which has worked wonders in my home!

Cashback freebies

Free Carnival Brazillian Fajita

This was another lovely Shopmium freebie.

We’ve still not made fajitas but we’ll get around to it!

Free 1L Bottle of A2 Milk

I spotted another ‘try me for free’ freebie in Sainsbury’s in Feb!

I just picked up this milk in the supermarket and uploaded a photo of my receipt and they emailed asking for my details and I got a 100% refund.

Cashback app freebies and campaigns

Free Little Jude’s milkshake

Again, for kids but I got this mad craving and really fancied a banana milkshake one day when I was out shopping, so why not get it for free?

cashback freebies

Free Radox Revived Shower Gel

One of my favourite supermarket cashback apps, Green Jinn app often features coupons that you can ‘stack’ with offers in-store.

This is what I did with this Radox Shower Gel.

They had a £1-off voucher on Green Jinn and they were on offer for £1 in Sainsbury’s.

free radox shower gel

I claimed my £1 back by uploading my receipt.

This made it free!

That’s everything I got over the last couple of months.

If you’re wondering how I do it, don’t forget to check out my blog post about how to get freebies for more tips.

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