Free L'occitane Nov-dec (2017)

Freebies & competition wins Nov & Dec (2017)

Happy New Year everyone! It was a fab couple of months for freebies towards the end of last year.

So I thought I’d share with you everything that I got for free in the lead up to Christmas!

There were some great little nick nacks for gifts and hampers, which helped us save a lot for Christmas.

If you’re wondering how I get all this stuff for free, check out my article on how to get free stuff in the post.

To any fellow freebie finders, I hope the past couple of months have been as good to you as they have been to me!

Birthday freebies

The 22nd November marked my 26th Birthday. There are soo many things you can get for free on your birthday, which kind of softened the blow for getting one year closer to 30, eek!

The best thing is, lots of these last within two weeks to a month of your birthday, which made November a great month for me on birthday freebies alone. It did not, however, help my waistline, as lots of these were edible. Oops!

Here were some of my favourite things I claimed for free.

Free Bottle of Prosecco at Pizza Express

My in-laws down the weekend before my birthday, which was great because my partner’s dad loves vouchers too!

I swear we had so many vouchers between us all. His dad had some 2 courses for £10 vouchers and I had a bottle of prosecco (you can also choose 4 beers) and a dough balls voucher, too and I think my other half had a free starter voucher as well.

The girl was so lovely and really polite over all our vouchers haha, so thank you Pizza Express Farnham! Pizza Express freebies How to redeem yours: sign up to the Pizza Express email newsletter for exclusive freebies and discounts and they’ll email you with this voucher about a week before your birthday. It lasts for about a month I think.

Free Doughnut from Greggs

I love a good Greggs doughnut and this triple chocolate one is my absolute favourite treat from there.

I always pick one up when we stop off at a MOTO service station on the way back to Manchester, along with a latte.

It’s probably about 1,000 calories, but sooo worth it.

How to redeem yours: download the free Greggs app and your birthday treat voucher will appear a couple of days before your birthday.

Redeem at your nearest store by scanning the app on your phone. This lasts about a month on your app.

free birthday cakes

Free Patisserie Valerie cake

This should have been a cupcake, but they didn’t have any left. So I got delicious free chocolate gateaux instead and it was AMAZING!

Quite sickly for one sitting but good with a brew haha.

How to redeem yours: make sure you sign up to Patisserie Valerie’s newsletter to get a voucher for your free birthday cake.

They also give away free cake when a new store opens, so keep an eye out for new shops popping up in your area!

Free Pair of Hobbs socks

This was probably one of my favourite birthday treats! I got a free £20 Hobbs voucher to spend in-store with no minimum spend required.

I know they change this every year, as the year before it was a Hobbs candle.

Any form of freebie from Hobbs is a win in my books!

I was looking around the store and it was a toss-up between either a brolly or these cute socks. So I chose the dog socks, of course! Free Hobbs Birthday SocksHow to redeem yours: sign up to Hobbs email newsletter and you’ll receive a voucher or free gift to pick up at your nearest Hobbs store. Hobbs birthday freebie You can use this within a month of your birthday. These were my favourite birthday freebies, but you can get loads! I also got emails for these:

  • Free Boden £10 voucher – you’ll get automatically signed up to get free catalogues and discount cards sent to you in the post when you order something from them
  • Birthday Krispy Kreme Birthday Doughnut – sign up to their newsletter (also get a free doughnut when you sign up)
  • Free £5 IKEA voucher – sign up to their IKEA Family card in-store and get free hot drinks for everyone you’re with as well!
  • A free Bottle of Prosecco at Prezzo – sign up to Prezzo’s newsletter and they’ll email you a code to quote when you go there for a meal
  • Complimentary £5 at The Body Shop – sign up to their ‘Love Your Body’ loyalty program and get your free voucher to use in-store or online on your birthday
  • Free £5 M&S Voucher – pick up an M&S Sparks card and get a free £5 voucher on your birthday. This can also be spent in their cafe so you can treat yourself to a little cake and coffee before your big cake waiting at home (hopefully!)
  • A free £5 Paperchase Voucher – grab yourself a Paperchase loyalty card when you’re next in your nearest Paperchase store and register it online to get a free £5 Paperchase voucher. You also get 15% off so you can get an even better freebie or put it towards something special
  • Free £5 Kikki. K Design Voucher – sign up to their newsletter online and get a free £5 voucher when you sign up and ANOTHER free £5 when it’s your birthday – they have some adorable stationery in there

It’s all about signing up to brand newsletters and downloading their free apps to get your birthday goodies. So get signing up now, it’s free!

More birthday freebies

Beauty freebies

MASSIVE Guinot Skincare Bundle – worth £350!

This was without a doubt one of the best freebies I’ve ever had! A Guinot skincare bundle in a lovely presented box, including:

  • Anti Wrinkle Mask
  • Comforting Cleansing Milk
  • Toning Lotion
  • UV Shield SPF 50 Face Cream
  • Long Lasting Moisturising Cream
  • Age Logic Eye Cream

For this one, you had to share your link with 50 people and they had to sign up too using your unique link. Guinot Beauty Hamper freebie                                   There were smaller prizes for people who shared their link with I think 10, 20 and 30 people. guinot jersey hamper I think one of them was a Dermalogica mini travel skincare set, which is also a pretty decent prize!

Guinot hamper free

SUITSUIT Travel Makeup Bag

This was a simple fill in the form and submit your address and they popped it in the post. free suitsuit travel cosmetic bag                                 It’s not really my colour but it’s handy to pop in the suitcase when we’re going away. Apparently, it’s worth £30!

Free L’Occitane Gift Set

This was on O2 Priority and luckily there was an L’Occitane just around the corner from where I used to work.

I’m glad I picked it up on lunch because it mysteriously disappeared off the app shortly after! Free L'Occitane O2 Priority Freebies They do these quite a lot and I’ve picked up a couple throughout the year to give to friends and family as gifts.

Keep an eye on your O2 Priority app and grab one asap from your nearest shop.

Psst… even if you’re not on O2, you can still get the freebies they offer to their customers.

Just sign up for a free sim card now and pop it in your phone, download the app and switch back to your normal sim. (minimum £10 top-up applies but worth it for all the freebies!)

Don’t worry, O2 themselves have admitted there’s nothing they can do about it and it’s ok!

More Skincare freebies!

Free Caudalie Hand Cream

I love Caudalie but their stuff can be quite expensive. This was a ‘So Post’ freebie, where they have rapid giveaways that go really fast. Beauty freebies - Caudalie and Clarins                   Whenever you see one of these, make sure you apply asap! Sometimes they can be full-sized and other times they are samples or minis.

Free Clarins Hydra Essentials Cream

This teeny tiny sample came from a giveaway on their website. I think they had 5,000 to give away and they went within half an hour! I’m going to save this one until we go somewhere hot on our hols to help keep my skin nice and fresh. I’ll have no problems with the airport liquid limit with this little mini.

Free Boots Product Test – Face Toner

I’m signed up to quite a few product testing sites but this one is my favourite for beauty trials.

They sent me this face toner to try, which made my skin feel lovely and soft. Boots send a weekly or bi-weekly survey and if you pass the study you get sent a free product to test and keep. Sign up to the Boots beauty panel now and make sure you actually remember to give feedback.

I’ve had quite a few freebies from them and I put it down to being honest and giving detailed feedback. Keep an eye on your junk mail, as sometimes my emails from them end up in there. Beauty freebies - L'Occitane foam and Boots Testing Panel

Free L’Occitane Cleansing Foam

This lovely freebie was a voucher from Woman & Home. You had to get in there quick and print off your voucher to claim in-store.

I saved this one to put as part of a bundle for a gift for someone 🙂

Free Anti-ageing Serum Samples

Free Anti-ageing skincare freebiesThese were just a couple of tiny samples I got in the post to try. I think these were a simple website form, where you just popped in your details and they send them to you.

They looked quite fancy! Not sure they worked miracles on my face, but it was just a sachet and a mini after all.

Free Aveeno Baby Cream Minis

Great little freebie from Aveeno! They had 5,000 of these mini creams to give away. Baby freebies - free Aveeno baby cream                           They are for kids but they’re good for adults too. Especially if you get dry skin or have run out of moisturiser!

Free Estee Lauder Serum Samples

I got these by downloading a voucher from their website and claiming in-store. The girl behind the counter gave me loads of samples and tips on how to use them (obviously tried to up-sell me but I wasn’t having any of it!)

You could just go to your nearest Estee Lauder counter anytime and ask for some.

They’re usually quite nice if you show a genuine interest in the product. It’s better than just being like ‘where is my free sample?!’ which might not get a good reaction. Free Beauty Stuff - Cougar Lipstick and Estee Lauder Advanced Night Serum

Makeup freebies

Free Cougar Lipgloss

It was clearly a popular month for lipsticks and lipglosses! Well, it was party season in December.

This was a Facebook sign up giveaway and it was really popular. It took them quite a while to send them out but I got mine in the post after about a month.

You could choose from a few colours, like Rioja, Mulberry, Cocoa, Candy, and Calypso.

This one is Calypso, a bit bright for every day but it might be nice on a night out 🙂

Free Giorgio Armani Lipstick Mini

This was also a website giveaway. Giorgio Armani was giving away 3,000 samples of their new lipstick, Ecstasy Shine. Free Giorgio Armani LipstickI’ve not got around to using this one yet either but will save for a special occasion too.

Free perfume samples

Free Britney Spears Fantasy Perfume Sample

I had no idea this perfume was still going until a free sample popped up on my Facebook newsfeed. Free Britney Spears PerfumeIt smells quite nice actually! I usually save all of these for a night out or again when we’re going on holiday, as I don’t always wear perfume in the day.

Free Calvin Klein Perfume Samples

This was a massive Boots website giveaway. I think there were quite a few but they went so fast! I liked the personalised name on the front, it was a nice touch! Calvin Klein Perfume freebiesYou also got 2 mini samples, which was a nice little win! The scent isn’t as fragrant as other perfume freebies I’ve had, which I quite liked.

Free Estee Lauder Modern Muse

This was a giveaway on Estee Lauder’s website. They were giving away loads and there were two options, but I went with this one. Free Estee Lauder Perfume It smells really nice and feminine and I think Estee Lauder do lovely perfumes in general.

Free hair products

Free John Frieda Frizz Ease Conditioner Sample

This was another So Post freebie, so as you can imagine they went fast! This was another enter your details and they popped it in the post for you.

This stuff smells amazing and it came in handy on our recent trip to the Isle of Wight. Hair freebies John Frieda & Charles Worthington

Free Charles Worthington Shampoo Mini

This was a giveaway on Charles Worthington’s Facebook page. They had 5,000 to give away!

Obviously, I’m not blonde, but my sister is so I thought I could grab one for her and pass it along. The bottles are so small and cute!

Free Simply Argan Hair Samples + £5 gift voucher

These tiny sachets were from Simply Argan’s website and I also got a free £5 to try more. Free Argan Oil Hair Freebies I couldn’t really tell from these teeny tiny samples if it had done anything for my hair. I’ve heard good things though, so I might use the voucher towards some more goodies from them.

Free Dove Hair Moisturising Samples + Vaseline for Men Sample

This was a Beauty on Trial giveaway. Their website is kind of like a forum where you review products and they had 1,000 free Dove samples to give away. Free DOVE Hair moisturising shampoo sachetsThis one was a bit fiddly this one! You had to set up an account and comment on the forum post and I remember being very confused at the layout of the website. Worth it though because I got all these lovely sachets to try, including a bonus Vaseline one for men.

Freebies for him

Free Tom Ford Perfume Sample

This was a free sign up on Facebook on a sponsored post that popped up. I’ve saved for my other half, George to try. It smells really nice!

Free Tom Ford fragrance for men

Free Zousz Beard Balm (26p with a discount code so practically free!)

These guys released codes every day to purchase off their Amazon page to claim.

Once a code had been claimed by someone, it couldn’t be used again so you had to act fast.

It was 26p and delivery was free, too. I thought I’d save this one for a gift.

Free Men's Beard Balm freebie

Free Molton Brown Shower Gel + temporary tattoos

This was an Emerald Street freebie. They run loads of giveaways and they had 5,000 of these to give away. Definitely worth a sign-up! Free Molton Brown Shower GelYou also got some temporary tattoos with this mini, very random! free molton brown temporary tattoos I like to save all of these for when we go away to like an Airbnb or somewhere where they might not provide toiletries.

Free food & drink

Free Tea Bag Sam

This was a lovely little green tea sample from a company called Tea Shirt. Free teabag from tea shirt It came very quickly and tasted really nice. As someone who’s not really a fan of green tea, I thought I’d give this one a try and was pleasantly surprised! Free teabag from pure leaf I also got a nice little teabag in the post from a company called Pure Leaf, which was vanilla and was really full of flavour for a herbal tea actually.

Free Pack of Coffee

This was a simple fill in a form on Coffee King’s website and get this free bag of coffee in the post from them. Free bag of barista blend coffee                             I ended up donating this to the office because it was way too strong for me, good sized bag though!

Free L’OR coffee Pods

I gave these to my boyfriend who has a coffee machine at his work. He said they were really nice actually! Free LOR Coffee pods                           They had 40,000 to give away – I think it’s still running and you can apply for them now.

Free Hot Drink & Flavoured Latte from Greggs

Free Greggs hot drinks                       I had earned a free Greggs hot drink on the app by scanning it and getting 7 stamps. Free Greggs hot drinksThey were also giving away a free flavoured latte so I had a vanilla latte and George just got a normal one. This hit the spot after a stressful day of Christmas shopping!

Free Bio-Fish Oil Tablets

I wasn’t sure if these were suitable for veggies or not so I gave this pack away, pretty good freebie though! free pack of bio-fih oil tablets freebie

Free Upbeat Drink Voucher

I got this as part of a giveaway on Upbeat’s website. They sent the voucher in the post for me to redeem at Tesco. It’s valid for an entire year so I must remember to pick this one up!

Free voucher for upbeat smoothie

Free Lee Kum Kee Chilli Oil

Lee Kum Kee has loads of giveaways throughout the year. They were giving these away on their website I think, it was the first 3,000 people to sign up got one. free Lee Kum Kee Chilli oil By posting a pic of this on Instagram, I also won a cooking kit, which I’ll include in my next roundup ?

Free Tuna Fillers

I don’t eat fish but my other half George does and he usually has tuna or salmon for lunch, so this was a great freebie for him!

Free Tuna Pack coupon

Princes were giving them away on their site and he said they were delicious with a jacket potato.

Free Mango Slices

Another Princes freebie! These lovely mango slices went in my Christmas donation hamper. Free Mango Slices coupon                                             I started collecting stuff to go in a hamper for a family less fortunate at Christmas quite early, which I talk about further down this post.

Free Quaker Oats Breakfast Squares

I spotted this free coupon on the way to work in the Metro. Free Quaker Oats Porridge to GoI’m rubbish at having breakfast but these were delicious and great for a quick brekky!

Free Covent Garden Soup

Covent Garden Soup give away £1-off coupons every now and again on their site. It’s definitely worth keeping an eye out for these because it’s usually around the time they are on offer in some supermarkets. Free Covent Garden Tomato Soup To check when these are on offer, I recommend getting the mySupermarket app on your phone where you can look up the cost of items in each supermarket.

Christmas freebies

I use bits and bobs I collect all year to give as presents, especially if they’re good comp wins!

There are some cracking Christmas freebies that come around every late November / early December so make sure you keep your eye out for these ones.

You can find them on apps and on social media mainly, which is how I got wind of these ones.

Free Christmas Pudding

This was on Quidco’s cashback app, which is just like CheckoutSmart. Free Tesco Christmas PuddingIt’s called Quidco ClickSnap so make sure you download it and look out for some handy little food freebies.

Find out more about supermarket cashback apps.

Christmas O2 Priority freebies

Free Bag of Chocolate Coins from WHSmith

These usually pop up on the O2 Priority app every year in December and you could choose from milk or white chocolate.

Free Pack of WHSmith Charity Christmas Cards

These are free every year in December on the O2 Priority app. Christmas freebies - free o2 WHSmith Christmas cardsI think there’s a price limit so you can’t buy a really expensive pack, but they have some really nice selections in there. There were more Christmas freebies to be had but I was so busy I didn’t have time to pick them up. There’s always next year though!

EVEN more freebies & wins

Free H&M gift card

I won this H&M gift card from White Scribbles!This was a simple ‘RT & FOLLOW’ style giveaway and there are so many knocking about on Twitter so get entering! It went towards some nice cushion covers so thanks, guys 🙂

H&M Gift card competition

Free Gymshark bundle

I was lucky enough to be selected by UK Mystery Shopper to review Gymshark’s website. So I won a £100 Gymshark bundle! UK Mystery Shopper Gymshark I got the following:

  1. A Black Sports Bra
  2. Long Grey Gym Top
  3. Multicoloured Sports Bra
  4. MASSIVE Gym Bottle
  5. 3-pack of Socks

It came to £100 on the dot. It doesn’t look like a lot, but this is good quality gym wear!

Free Decathlon backpack

This was from their new store opening in Guildford, you just had to queue up to pick yours up.

We only ended up queuing for about 15 mins, but it was a very dramatic opening with all the staff clapping and going crazy as you walked in.

Worth it for a free bag though!

Free Decathlon Back Pack

Free Yankee Candle Air Freshener

This was free to pick up at Halfords on the O2 Priority app at your nearest store.  Unfortunately, you could only select this scent, but it did the job.

Free Halfords O2 Priority Air Freshener Nov

Free Tempur Travel Pillow

I took the ‘Tempur challenge’, which happens a few times each year. I picked this one up from my local Furniture Village but they lost my details and didn’t have one for me when I went back with my confirmation email.

They ordered me this one in instead, which looked a bit fancier than the other ones but the other ones you usually get are still worth £50 and really comfy!

free tempur pillow

Follow them on social media to see when their next one is running. Then head to your nearest participating store and fill in a form and get your free travel pillow.

Free bags of IAMS dog food + measure

This one was from a testing panel called Trnd. They have loads of testing opportunities and I’ve had quite a few bits and bobs from them since being a member. All of which have been full-sized! free trnd dog food purinaI passed this lot to my mum and dad for our cocker spaniel Barney. I wrote in my application about how I was worried about he needed a food to help him gain weight and stay healthy because he’s so skinny!

Free Tully the Elephant

This was a random giveaway from Soak bathrooms. They were giving thousands away on their website over a week in December leading up to Christmas.I’ve saved this one as a little treat for my friend’s baby. It even squeaks!

free tully elephant toy from Soak

Free Waitrose Calendar

If you have a Waitrose card then scan it at the till and you can get a free magazine every month (and coffee!)They included a free calendar for 2018 in December’s issue, very handy for our kitchen wall! I also picked up a poppy while I was in there.

Free Waitrose Calendar Magazine

Free Halfords Batteries

These were free on the O2 priority app, great for Christmas if you have lots of toys or gadgets that need batteries!You could choose from either AA or AAA size.

free pack of Halfords batteries from O2

#Reverseadventcalendar food bank campaign

This was a great campaign that a load of money-saving bloggers took part in. free supermarket cashback app freebiesThe idea was that you add a new item every day and donate it to a local food bank for Christmas. freebies ready to donate   The company I worked for had loads of Shopmium credit so we all chipped in and picked up loads of freebies and contributed things from our own cupboards. free charity donationI dropped it off at this charity in Camberley, Surrey and they were so grateful! Hopefully, we managed to make a few families lives a little better over Christmas.

That’s everything! Let me know if you got anything exciting 🙂


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