freebies Mar - April 2018

Freebies & Giveaway Wins March & April (2018)

Hello everyone! So, I’ve got a confession to make. I haven’t put as much effort into freebie finding and comping lately.
That’s because I handed in my notice in at work in March and have been focusing on building my own eBay business.
So sourcing stock, packing up orders at night after work and nipping out to the post office on lunch have all taken priority.
On top of that, we’ve finally got round to doing the bathroom – HURRAH!
Like with the kitchen, we’ve taken the DIY/budget approach so we’ve taken all the tiles off ourselves and bought the toilet, sink and bathroom all from different places, which are just sitting in the flat because our plumber couldn’t come until this week.
As you can imagine, there is literally stuff everywhere!
Among all the chaos, it was still a pretty decent couple of months for freebies.
See for yourself…

Beauty freebies

Free Chanel Perfume Sample

free john frieda frizz ease serum

I love these samples and Chanel give so many away all year round!
This one was a sponsored post and appeared on my Facebook newsfeed after I liked the page.

It smells lovely and I’m saving it for special occasions like dinners and nights out.

Mar beauty freebies

Skin Chemists Caviar Moisturiser

This was from their product tester program where you sign up to test products.
It cost £5.99 to post I think? But it intrigued me and I really wanted to try it so I ordered one.

Omorovicza Facial Polisher

free face polisher
This was a giveaway from Get the Gloss – you had to be one of the first 500 people to sign up I think?
They’re doing loads lately and it’s not always first come, first served so it’s worth signing up and checking your emails.
Ok I may have got George to enter this one too to get both, but I really like this product and it’s so expensive to buy!

Sanctuary Bubble Bath

This was another So Post freebie where you could choose from two products, either a salt scrub or bubble bath.
So I went with the bubble bath and I’m pleased because I think the other one was just a sachet?

Caudalie Skincare

I got two of these lovely skincare bundles (George ordered one again too), which included Caudalie Premier Eye Cream – 5ml + 2 sachet samples
Caudalie Vine Soothing Eye Cream – 5ml + 2 sachet samples.

skincare freebies

Monroe Moisturiser & Shave Balm

These looked very fancy so I ordered a few free samples off their website to give to George.

Cuderm Moisturising Cream Mini

Cuderm do quite a few giveaways so if you’ve got really sensitive skin it’s definitely worth following them.
For this one you had to sign up then follow and message them on Instagram and they sent it you in the post.

Boots testing panel Eye Crayon

If you join Boots Volunteer Panel they send you freebies to test and give your honest opinion on.
This time I got to try a fancy eye crayon and although it wasn’t my colour, I’m still glad I got to try it and I gave my opinion on it.

Lancome Multi-glow Samples

free lancome skincare

This was a giveaway on Lancome’s website and they had 5,000 to give away. I’ve not a had chance to open these yet but I’ve heard good things!

L’Occitane Hydrating Power Samples

free l'occitane sample

I’ve had loads of these in the past couple of months, which is good because they are quite small samples.
This giveaway was a FB sponsored post that appeared in my feed when I liked their FB page.

Giorgio Armani Si Perfume Sample

free giorgio armani perfume

Giorgio Armani were giving away small samples again via a sponsored FB post.
I’m buidling quite a nice stash of perfume samples and these are fab for popping in your bag on the go.
Again, make sure you like all these brands and watch them appear when you scroll down your FB feed.

Kat Von D lipstick

free kat von d lipstick

Have you joined Debenhams beauty club yet? Each month they have a new beauty freebie up for grabs and all you have to do is pop in-store to claim yours.
March’s freebie was a cute little Kat Von D lipstick. I only really wear nude-ish colours and this looks quite intense but it’s actually a lot nicer and natural-looking on.

Garnier Olia Hair Dye

garnier hair freebies

Another Olia Hair Dye this month from So Post! I got a lovely chocolate brown colour for my mum to try, as I don’t dye mine but I know she likes this sort of colour.

Arizona Perfume Sample

free Arizona perfume

Yes, ANOTHER FB sponsored post! My feed was full of them the past couple of months and this was another lovely little perfume sample to add to my collection.


free GLAMGLOW face mask
This was a Cosmopolitan giveaway from a while back.
They were giving away 6,000 free GLAMGLOW Face Mask mini bottles and mine arrived in March.
I love their face masks, they smell amazing but they are super expensive so lucky for me I scored one of these!

La mer Moisturiser

free la mer moisturiser

La mer is another expensive brand but they also give away lots of lovely free samples throughout the year.
Usually, you can get a sample at their beauty counters if you ask nicely but this one was another sponsored post that appeared in my feed once I liked their page.
So fancy!

Kiehl’s Moisturising Body Oil

free kiehl's moisturising body oil

April’s Debenhams Beauty Freebie was a cute little Kiehl’s bottle of Moisturising Body Oil.
I picked mine up while I was in Brighton at a work conference and I’m going to save it for when we next go away.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Serum

free john frieda frizz ease serum

This mini bottle of John Frieda Frizz Ease Serum was another So Post freebie. I got it quite quickly and saved it to use on my fringe for a night out because it gets mega frizzy!

Food & drink 

Papa Johns Pizza

Virgin Red were giving away 1,000 free pizzas from Monday to Friday for a week in April.
All you had to do was download the app and scratch out the code and if it began with ‘red’ then you won a free pizza!
free papa johns pizza

Free pack of McVitie’s Chocolate Digestives

I found these free on Quidco ClickSnap and picked them up at Sainsbury’s. These obviously didn’t last long in our house!

4-pack of Red Bull pack

I love it when I get a box in the post, they’re so much more exciting than letters!
free red bull pack
This was a nice surprise from Red Bull. If you told them what your fitness goals were they sent you a 4-pack of Red Bull to help you train.
How nice of them!

Cashback app freebies

I got a load of stuff from Shopmium this month, all thanks to my referral credits!
shopmium freebies
This includes:
  • Dr Oetker Bake in a Box
  • McCain Roasts
  • Amy Gluten Free Meals
  • Coffee bagsJacobs crackers
  • Benecol yoghurts
  • Starbucks drink
  • Judes Milkshake
  • Nature Valley Bars
  • Original Source shower foam
  • Colour Catchers
  • Surf black laundry gel

If you want to know more about how to get all these freebies too, check out my guide to supermarket cashback apps.

checkoutsmart freebies

free yoghurts

free amy's meals

free Mccain roast potatoes

free colour catcher

Detox Tea samples

I’ve had these before and I love the blackcurrent ones especially!

free detox tea samples

These samples were given to the first 500 people that signed up to their newsletters and turns out I was one of them!

Pack of Biotin Vitamins

free biotin supplements

I won a year’s supply of Biotin Food Supplement vitamins on their Facebook page!

This was a ‘like and share’ giveaway and I got chosen. They then messaged me a code to enter on Amazon checkout and I got them for free.

Kallo vegetable stock pot

free kallo stock

This was a nice pick up from Waitrose thanks to CheckoutSmart. I’ve stashed it away for when it gets a bit colder and we can make some yummy stews 🙂

Lee Kum Kee Plum Sauce

I was honoured when Lee Kum Kee messaged me to ask me to try their new Plum Sauce on FB! They also opened it out to people to apply to test on their Facebook page to ask their fans to try it.

free lee kum kee sauce

Big Tub of Popcorn

free popcorn

This MEGA TUB from Amazon was 100% free! There was a glitch code that was sent around on a few freebie sites and I managed to score all this.

We tried it with the machine I got for George’s birthday and it tasted amazing!

Green & Blacks chocolates

free green and blacks chocolates

I LOVE a chocolate freebie and this was a lovely treat from Green & Blacks. They had 10,000 to give away but as this was a So Post freebie, they went rapid!

Household freebies

XLS Nutrition bundle

Home Tester Club were giving these away in exchange for a review. I must admit they weren’t the nicest tasting shakes I’ve ever had in my life but I did lose a couple of pounds.

You had to have a shake in the morning and a shake to replace lunch or dinner and then one low carb meal a day.

I must admit I didn’t last very long on these but I tried!

Bamboo toothbrush

free bamboo toothbrush

If you tagged someone in a tweet to this brand on Twitter you both won a toothbrush! These came really quick too and are very handy for travels.

Pearl Drops Toothpaste

free toothpaste pearl drops

The Insiders have had loads of campaigns lately and I was lucky to be selected to try this Pearl Drops whitening toothpaste.

My teeth feel so much cleaner and I’ve only been using it for a couple of weeks!

Other freebies

Blu vape kit

free blu vape kit

I still don’t know how I got this for free! They were giving away codes on their website, this was worth a whopping £20!

Promise cards

free promise cards

These are really cute from a website giveaway. You can use them to write promises to your friends and family, or even your colleagues if you like!

Even MORE Books from India

free books

So I mentioned in my last freebie round up about the books I got for free from India, while loads more came this month!

The future is female t-shirts

future is female top free

This was a Facebook giveaway where you messaged them and they sent you two t-shirts – one for you and for a friend!

I can use it as a prop for eBay, which is great.

free LOTD top

I did order black ones but I think everyone got white in the end, which is fine. A freebie is a freebie!

Free Scents from Aflame Candles

These guys got a lot of requests after some freebie sites advertised that they were giving away free candles.

In actual fact, they were giving away free scent sticks of your choice to test.

free scented candle samples

They emailed asking if you’d still like to try them to reply to the email so I did.

They had so many scents to choose from and they were all really nice!

I’m definitely going to order a candle or two from them.

Pet freebies

The company of animals halti

free company of animals dog halti

This product testing scheme gives you the opportunity to test products for your pets and I got this free halti to try for my parent’s dog, Barney.

It’s really helped him keep calm and stop pulling as much on the lead so a good review!

Sweet potato Soopa treats

free dog treats

Ok these were £1 delivery but they looked nice and I wanted to take home a treat for Barney when we’re next in Manchester.

Conference freebies – Brighton SEO

As I said earlier I went to a conference in April and the best part of these things is always the freebies!

This year I got:

  • An umbrella
  • 2 pairs of socks
  • notebook
  • tote bags

And a few more bits and bobs.

free Brighton SEO freebies

I picked up loads of tat the year before so this year I took a sort of minimalist approach to freebies haha.

Easter freebies

Eastertime is full of freebies and giveaways and we really cashed in here!

Here is everything we got this year:

  • Free Thorntons Easter Eggs on O2 Priority
  • Creme Eggs on Quidco ClickSnap
  • 4 Easter eggs cominbing Topcashback’s £3 off any Easter egg and Tesco’s buy 2 get 2 free offer

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