Groupon day out - Alpaca farm

Groupon days out – a day at Pennybridge Alpaca Farm

Our family are huge fans of Groupon, especially their days out!

Every birthday, Christmas or special occasion that warrants a gift, usually contains an exciting little slip with a random day out or adventure.

Past exploits include a spa day, a trip to the zoo, a sports car experience, the list goes on.

This time, it was my turn to receive a lovely Groupon surprise day out! I woke up to a lovely little birthday card on 22nd November, along with George looking super pleased with himself.

Bless him, he always tries so hard with presents.

He handed me my birthday card, which read ‘don’t worry about food, ALPCAC-US a lunch‘.

This was quickly followed by a print out of a Groupon day out to see some adorable alpacas at Pennybridge Alpaca Farm in Hook, Hampshire.

I absolutely love animals and I’d been banging on about this place for months so I was obviously buzzing.

ANYWAY…. A few months went by and we hadn’t booked in yet so it got to the end of Feb and we eventually got round to taking a Monday off work to go. alpaca day out

Groupon days out – a day with the alpacas

The Venue – Pennybridge Farm

We arrived at a stunning piece of land with our wellies on and big coats. It was the one day it had to snow, wasn’t it?

That didn’t put us off though and it didn’t put the alpacas off, either.

It was a nice sized group and most were couples similar ages to us, which was quite a relief. Groupon alpcas pennybridge farm

I think we were both worried that we were going to show up and be the only adults there!

You could see the alpacas as soon as you arrive, it was so funny pulling up and just seeing them all come over to us.

The owners asked us to damp our wellies and wash our hands before we entered to avoid contamination.

Then we got to walk through the entrance where all the alpacas are there ready to greet us.

The people

It was a lovely family run business, which I thought was great.

They were so passionate about their alpacas and this shone through with their ability to reel off facts about each one.

The guy certainly knew his stuff! He explained everything from how and why they kept the males and females separate and what time of year they would breed them.Around pennybridge farm He also talked about the origin of alpacas and how they were looking to enter them into shows to win awards, which is apparently quite a big business.

It was a really tight-knit farm, with their main source of income being breeding alpacas, then selling tours, alpaca minor and knitting jumpers and gloves.

They let us feel the alpaca wool and it felt so warm and snug!

Getting to know the alpacas

The day was 2 hours long and was broken up into sections.

We arrived at 11 am, just in time for a free cup of tea to warm up and begin with the first part, which included things like health and safety, etc.

Then they put out some feed for the female alpacas who raced to get the feed. It was so funny watching them fight over it.

The man warned us to stay back, as some of them start to spit at each other if they try to steal each other’s food.

They had named each alpaca with quirky names like Princess Leia and Hermoine, which amused everyone. Groupon birthday day out - Collette with alpacasWe then took a walk around the farm, and I even got to hold a lovely little baby goat.

He seemed to like me and nestled well into my coat, I definitely didn’t want to give him back!

We were given some straw to feed the alpacas but they didn’t seem too bothered haha, maybe they’d just been fed.

The main event – walking the alpacas!

Once we’d taken a walk around and got to know the alpacas, it was time for the main event.

When we got back to the stables they had an alpaca waiting for everyone. It was one per couple and we got first pick.

They brought out a beautiful, placid little alpaca called ‘Honey’ and we had to take her! Groupon day out - alpaca walkShe was a noisy little one who I think just fancied a chat haha but so calm on the lead.

(All the other alpacas seemed a bit crazier on the walk so I think we chose wisely.)

I think she got a little tired halfway around because she just stopped stationary at one point and refused to move.

The guy was laughing and said they do that sometimes, and explained it’s better to have a dominant, older alpaca at the front leading the pack for the rest to follow. Groupon Alpacas - GeorgeThe walk lasted about half an hour and it was such a surreal experience looking around and seeing everyone walking their alpacas.

As far as Groupon days out go, this was by far the best yet.

I’m so lucky to have someone who treated me to this lovely experience! Groupon Pennybridge Alpaca FarmIf you’d like to visit this lovely alpaca farm yourself, the Groupon is still running: Pennybridge Alpacas Do you have any really memorable Groupon days out?


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