save money on your phone bill

15 really easy ways to save money on your phone bill

Are you looking to save some money on your phone bill? I hear ya! These days, a phone contract is practically a utility bill, and like with all bills, there are always ways to knock some cash off. Let me show you how…

1. Ditch the pay as you go & switch to a pay monthly contract

Ugh topping up your phone is SO early noughties, and in most cases, it can end up costing you an absolute fortune! I mean, it might work for you but if you use a lot of data and make a lot of phone calls, it will swallow your credit.

My parents were on pay as you go phones recently and they were topping up once a week between £10-20 a pop for an old school flip phone – can you imagine that bill??

2. Cashback & Refer a friend schemes

Me and my mum both recently upgraded to Tesco mobile. As she was first, she could provide me with a referral if I kept my old number but switched to Tesco. We both got £20 knocked off our bills!

I also got a further £30 for joining Tesco Mobile from TopCashback.

I don’t know if any other providers do this but it’s definitely worth having a look and absolutely worth checking TopCashback and Quidco for welcome deals.

Find out more about cashback now.

3. Add yourself to a family plan

Speaking of family, another way to save some cash is by joining a family plan and chipping in each month. I’ve never personally done this and I’m not sure if you all have to be under one roof?

Another one to do some research on, as I’ve seen other people do it and save a fair whack off their bill.

4. Cap your phone bill contract

If you don’t want to go over your monthly allowance and be hit with any nasty charges, you can actually cap your contract on many phone contracts when you sign up.

You can also adjust this throughout your contract to allow more or fewer charges and you can switch back whenever you like.

5. Look on comparison sites when renewing your contract

Comparison sites are really good at taking the headache out of writing down each individual deal and ringing around or travelling around multiple stores to find the best contract.

I recently used USwitch to renew my phone contract and it was so easy and I got a cracking deal with Tesco Mobile.

6. Understand your phone bill from day one

Your phone contract should be explained to you if you sign up in-store and any options you have signed up for. If you notice something funny on your bill, call the provider ASAP, as the longer you leave it, the less of a case you may have to get your money back.

It also helps to schedule your phone bill on a date where you can guarantee you will have money in the bank to pay it, to avoid any bank charges too.

7. Opt out of phone insurance & find your own

I HATE pressure sales tactics and this is no exception. How many times have you heard ‘this deal is only available today, as soon as you walk out that door you won’t be able to get this?’ IF the deal is so good, why don’t I have the same 30-day option to sign up as I do to cancel?

I’ll tell you why, because it’s a sneaky sales tactic to get you signed up in the hope you’ll forget, or can’t be bothered to cancel your insurance and find a better deal.

I suggest politely declining and finding your own, again comparison sites will help your search and sometimes your bank offer this so check with them for a better deal.

8. Earn money off your phone bill for free

Airtime Rewards is an amazing new app I’ve discovered where you can earn money off your phone bill just by shopping at your usual shops and eating at your favourite restaurants.

save money on your phone bill with airtime rewards

I just started using it about a week ago and I’ve already racked up £6 of savings!

free money off your phone bill

If you download the free app and sign up using code: PPBMT7HU we’ll both get 50p credit absolutely free. This might not sound like a lot but look after the pennies and all that…

airtime rewards phone bill

9. Visit your phone provider in-store to haggle

Whether you’re looking to buy a new phone contract or even if you’re halfway through your contract, I would recommend visiting your nearest phone provider to see if there’s a better deal on the table for you.

Tell them how much of a loyal customer you’ve been and how sad you were to discover they weren’t offering x,y, or z to existing customers, or find a better deal somewhere else and ask them to match it.

Phone companies are desperate for your business so a trip to their store might really pay off!

10. Connect to the Wifi as much as you can

This one is pretty self-explanatory, if you hook up to the Wifi as much as possible, you’ll save on your data. Simple!

If you’re connected to the Wifi, then use Whatsapp for calls and texts. It won’t eat into your monthly allowance and it’s technically free!

11. Claim loyalty card points on your phone bill

As you’re probably more than aware by now, I’m on Tesco mobile haha and what does this mean? Clubcard points!

Yes, that’s right, you can hook up your Clubcard to your phone contract and earn even more this way. This can help you save money on your weekly supermarket shop or help knock money off cinema tickets or a nice meal out. Every little certainly does help!

It’s not just Tesco that offer this, either. Many phone providers team up with supermarkets and other brands with loyalty schemes like Boots, to offer exclusive deals so make sure you keep an eye out for partnerships.

12. Download your phone provider app to get exclusive freebies

I’ve claimed so many freebies from O2 in the past, but my current contract outweighed the deals but I do miss them!

Lots of phone providers have apps where you can claim things like free drinks, beauty products, and loads more goodies, just for being a loyal customer.

These include:

Download these today and start claiming your freebies! Find out how about you can claim free stuff every day

13. Get to grips with data roaming charges

Lots of phone providers have started to offer free service abroad, but some still don’t and it’s your job to make sure you understand what your contract charges include (and more importantly, what they don’t!) If you’re still unsure, turn off your data whilst abroad, just to be safe!

14. Download any media before your commute

There’s nothing worse than being on the train and wanting to watch the latest Netflix episode or tune into a podcast, and either the signal drops out, or you get a shock when you see how much of a chunk it’s eaten up! In some cases, you can download files and watch or play them offline.

You can definitely do this with Spotify premium, which is an additional cost but worth it in my opinion. Some providers like Three also offer this service in some of their packages.

15. Avoid texting competitions & voting charges

These are SO expensive and they can sometimes set you back up to a whopping £3.50 so be careful and always read the T&Cs! Nowadays, you can often download the apps to shows like X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent and vote up to five times for free so it might be better to use this option instead.

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