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Top Tips To Help You Save Money This Christmas

Eek, I can’t believe Christmas is just over two months away! How is it that time of year already??

Christmas is a big deal for lots of families but this means a lot of us can end up getting carried away with our spending and some of us can even fall into debt.

It can put a lot of pressure on you, especially if you’re already living paycheck to paycheck. Don’t worry, here are some easy ways to cut back costs and have a super savvy Christmas!

Start saving now for Christmas

There is no time like the present and now is the time to start putting money aside for your gifts, decorations, and food.

If you are in debt at this point in time, it can be a good idea for you to get this paid off as quickly as you can.

This will help to get your back on track and even boost your credit score before the New Year kicks in.

I know this can be a difficult task but try and crush down your debt and work towards being debt-free by putting pennies aside where you can.

It will take a big weight off before and after Christmas!

Try putting aside money in a separate account or withdrawing £10 a week or month and sticking it in a jar.

Learn more about how to start paying off your debt.

Enjoy free Christmas activities

The Christmas season is all about having fun and enjoying time with our family but it can be expensive visiting lots of Santa’s Grottos and costly Christmas events in the run-up to the festive day.

Luckily, your town has some amazing free activities like Christmas light switch on events!

Also, think about free activities you can do yourself like sledding in the local park and visiting local garden centres to see the festive displays.

On Christmas Eve, you can make it a tradition to walk around the local area enjoying everyone’s Christmas lights to get you in the spirit of the day.

Remember, it’s all about making special memories and traditions with your family.

Look out for bargains all year round 

Picking up bargains as and when you see them and stashing them away will help you save a stack of cash in the long run.

I used to think my mum was mad doing all her Christmas shopping in the January sales, but now I completely get it and I’m right there with her!

If you wait too long the prices will start to rise close to Christmas and this can leave you struggling to know what to buy for the celebrations and leads to panic buying more than you need.

It is best to buy anything long lasting now such as chocolates and crackers, and even things like vegetables to freeze in advance.

Don’t overdo it on food

Speaking of food, over snacking, the big Christmas meal, leftover turkey sandwiches, food is such a huge part of Christmas!

However, we have to be careful that during the festive season we don’t buy too much of it.

Finding the right balance between too much and not enough food is hard but you will want to avoid as much waste as you can.

Think about counting out the roast potatoes and other vegetables and only buy a small amount of alcohol and desserts and invite your guests to bring something along with them.

Make your own gifts

Gifts are the pinnacle of Christmas and it is the giving of gifts which is often the most exciting part of the day.

Think about making your own gifts for people such as artwork for their homes or planting seeds for them in cute tea cups to decorate their house.

You can find lots of Christmas gift ideas on Pinterest so you can spend the weekend playing around and making something special for your family and friends.

I try and make a little something for my other half every year, whether it be a scrapbook or DIY coupons, I think it really shows them how much they mean to you!

So there are my top tips, hopefully I’ve inspired you to save some cash this year!

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