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How to track your finances & stay out of your overdraft

We’ve all been there, dreading to check your account because you know you’ve wound up in your overdraft once again.

Or maybe you’ve just been paid and you’ve splurged big time over the weekend and you can’t quite bring yourself to face the financial hangover.

I know I’ve been guilty of blowing cash on pointless things in the past, especially when I got paid in my first ‘real job’ and felt like a millionaire! 

For me, I’ve earned money from the age of 15 so it’s always been a pretty sure thing to have and spend on what I want.

You see, my parents instilled in all three of us the importance of paying your way and earning your own cash. Especially my lovely mum has always been very money conscious, carefully analysing every purchasing decision.

From buying a house to picking up toothpaste in B&M, she’s always counted every penny! 

This is something I used to shamelessly mock her for, but since I’ve been self-employed and there’s no guaranteed chunk of money coming in at the end of the month, I’ve been looking for a way to keep my spending in check. 

Enter Cleo!

How does Cleo work? 

how to track your finances with cleo

This clever app links up to your bank account and gives you invaluable insights on your spending habits. 

It can also help you find better deals on things like credit cards and interest rates on loans. 

Once you sign up for free, Cleo scans your transaction history, calculating and highlighting interesting spending trends for you. 

It helps break down your spending into categories, so things like eating out, groceries, bills, etc. 

Cleo also allows you to view your balance, check direct debits and view your latest transactions. 

Cancer Research is one of my favourite charity shops to source stock for selling on eBay so it’s good for me to look at just how much I’ve been spending, so I can choose to see it on a graph, pretty clever!

spending on a graph

You can ask it clever questions like ‘how much am I spending on beer?’ and it will genuinely answer! 

cleo game

My favourite functionality is it asks you to do a quiz on your spending every week and if you get all your answers right you’ll be entered into a prize draw!

You can also choose how much or little contact you want too so if the notifications are getting on your nerves a little bit, you can tone it down. 

Cleo notifications

Is Cleo safe to use?


Like I always say, I would not be recommending a product that I haven’t tried and tested myself and Cleo is no exception.

They use secure, bank-level encryption and security to make Cleo a read-only service.

Cleo tracking

What does this mean?

No one can ever access or move money in or out of your account.

They use clever, world-leading financial security and data processes and never store your info on their systems. 

Better yet, your information is encrypted with every piece of personal information removed as soon as they receive it. 

So basically, only you and Cleo (a robot basically) can view your transactions. 

Why does the app need my bank log in information then?

Cleo only needs you to enter your login credentials so that you can establish a secure connection with your bank or credit card company.  

This just allows Cleo to analyse and categorise your transactions as well as current balance information, securely and automatically.

So Facebook doesn’t have access to my bank details? 

Correct! Facebook CANNOT access any of your information. 

It’s only the platform that allows Cleo to chat to you and Facebook DOES NOT store any of your details. 

Does Cleo REALLY help you save money?

I must admit, I was sceptical. 

Like you, I was worried it wasn’t safe, but once I downloaded it and got going I found it really helped.  

cleo regular spending

It’s really good to see your spending in cold hard figures to give you a shock almost and help you adjust your spending.

I think the quiz also helps because it helps you remember what you’ve spent money on during the week. 

Psst. want to earn a FREE £5? 

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Every little helps…

Do you use Cleo or any other apps to help you track your spending?

Let me know!

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