How to save money on Halloween

Last Minute Cheap Halloween Ideas To Suit Every Budget

Halloween is almost upon us!

If you’re looking to save money at this time of year or just feeling a bit Scrooge-like, chances are you’ve resigned yourself to sitting in front of a good horror film with the lights out, duvet at the ready to throw over your head, and a few special snacks to help you get over the stress of it all.

This list is to inspire some last minute cheap Halloween ideas to get in this spooky season and tap into your inner child.

You know, the days where your mum made a witch cape out of a bin bag and you had those cheap plastic nails and fangs?

Just me??

Saving money on Halloween isn’t quite the same as looking for Black Friday deals, or for Christmas present offers.

It’s more experiential and therefore requires you to get creative on a budget, so let’s begin!

Spend the night somewhere spooky 

There are a number of spooky nights away you could book if you’re in the mood to be spooked this Halloween.

There are a few last minute tickets for sale for organised ghost hunts, or you could stay at one of the many haunted hotels in England, Wales, and Scotland.

If this tickles your fancy, just google spooky events near me and you’ll get a load of exciting Halloween ideas.

Do you have a bit more money to spend?

You could opt to spend the night in a haunted castle or a closed down psychiatric hospital (if you’re feeling particularly brave).

You can spend the whole night attempting to connect with spirits… or, just visit somewhere for the day like Lancaster Castle, which is known for being on the most haunted castles in the world!

If you’re looking for a free experience, you and your friends and family could head down to a well-known spooky spot after dark… if you dare!

Scary movie night with a twist

Get in your car and drive out to somewhere in the countryside with any fellow Halloween fans.

Bring some blankets along and watch a scary movie in the dark in the middle of nowhere (downloaded onto your tablet or laptop).

If you’re wanting to really heighten the experience you could select a film such as The Blair Witch Project and watch it in the woods somewhere… oh, and don’t forget the party snacks!

(Big) Kid-friendly Halloween options

If you happen to have kids, or are simply a big kid at heart, and all this talk of ghosts and ghouls makes you want to retreat under your duvet – there is the fantastically tame option of turning the living room into a den (you certainly don’t need kids to enjoy this).

Get all your pillows and duvets to create a blanket fortress and then put on a family-friendly horror film such as the Disney classic “Hocus Pocus” and again, spooky snacks are key!

So there you have it, some very budget-friendly Halloween options to help you and your family enjoy this spooky night on a budget!

What do you do on Halloween? Let me know in the comments 🙂


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