I was very lucky to be chosen to test a shiny new Flash Speedmop from Super Savvy Me this month!

How the campaign works:

  1. Super Savvy Me send me the mop to try
  2. They also send vouchers and cards for me to share with friends and family
  3. I write a review and share my honest results on social media

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The mop arrived and I got really giddy to try it asap! I spend a lot of my time commuting and we’re busy most weekends and previous mops we’ve had we have just given up with. They are so clunky and the whole process of filling up the bucket, ringing the mop out and keeping that clean itself is such a hassle! Especially when you get home for work or want to relax at the weekend.

We live in a one-bed apartment too so storage is very limited so I was looking forward to testing a mop that can slot nicely into our one storage cupboard or even fit next to the fridge without sticking out.

First impressions of Flash Speedmop

The box is very compact and the mop itself is very easy to set up. I thought I was going to have to get my other half George to help me put it together but everything just clicks into place. Plus you have these handy little ‘trap and lock’ parts for the wet cloths to fit onto the mop and stay in place.

The whole thing is very slimline, which is great for storage and opening the wipes just filled the room with this lovely lemon scent. They feel quite heavy, which is promising, as they will hopefully last longer.

Testing out the Flash Speedmop

I waited until a gloomy Saturday morning to try the mop out, as I knew I would be more motivated to clean the apartment on a day like this.

As I said earlier, you can really see and feel the quality, wetness and thickness of the wet cloths, as you can see the effect on each floor. Although at the time there is a lot of wet going on, when I came back from the other room within 10 minutes, the floor was dry and sparkling again.

I attached the wipes and away I went with the mop! It’s so easy and lightweight and just glides around the room. We have laminate wood flooring all throughout the apartment, except for our kitchen and bathroom, which are both lino flooring. On each surface, the mop felt smooth and spread the lemon scent throughout.

Hopefully, you can see how much dirt it picked up too. I mop the flat once/twice a week and this still picked up all this dirt!

Final verdict of the Flash Speedmop

Overall, I think this is a fab little mop! I’ve tried expensive brands like Vileda mops, cheaper alternatives (that break all the time!) traditional mop and buckets, and even steam mops! I have to say, this is definitely a winner for me and my other half.

If we spill something, we can quickly attach a wipe and go over spillages, but it also provides us with a deeper clean if we want. I’m not sure it’s intended to replace a ‘heftier’ mop in your household, but it certainly has for us!

Even when we left the apartment and came back hours later, it was still smelling lemon fresh and the floors looked great.

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