How to save money on your favourite supermarket products with What’sInStore

Do you ever nip to a supermarket after work one night and pick up a few bits and bobs, then go into another supermarket the next night to find the products are on offer and you could have got them SO much cheaper?

I’ve done it plenty of times and it’s so annoying!

Hopefully, I’ve found the answer to solve all your buyer’s remorse! I’ve discovered this brand new app and website that lets you know where you can find your favourite supermarket pickups and what items are currently on offer.

So, now you can plan your supermarket shop based on where you can get your regular items for an absolute bargain.

It’s called What’sInStore and it’s completely free!

How does it work?

Simply download the app for free or head to their website and create a free account and log in.

You can then start searching for your items or you can even use their handy scan feature, where you just scan your item’s bar code and it will tell you if they are currently on offer and where.

What can I save money on?

The site and app is packed full of bargains but to give you an idea of the sorts of things you can buy, there are some of the latest deals featured when you scroll down to the bottom of the site.

Just click onto each deal and you’ll get information on what, how and where to claim. The best part is, it’s not just food and drink, it’s all sorts from tv deals to perfumes, watches and more!

What are my favourite parts of What’sInStore?

There are some really good sections of the app and site, like their ‘add products’ tab, where you can add your favourite items and they will alert you when they are on offer.

Obviously scanning your own items in is fun and very convenient, too!

You can also search via item or area and can add your distance in miles with their handy sliding function. So basically, the further you are willing to travel, the more bargains you will find!

Why can’t I find any products on there?

The website and app are both very new and the website makers are still working hard on finding bargains to upload, so, unfortunately, not every item on your weekly shopping list will be featured yet.

Win £10,000 with What’sInStore

Psst… if you join now you could be in with a chance of winning a whopping £10,000! Sign up nowand follow the instructions. Remember, you’ve got to be in it to win it!

This is a sponsored post.

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