125+ Best Things To Sell On eBay For Quick Cash

125+ Best Things To Sell On eBay For Quick Cash

Fancy trying to sell on eBay to make some extra cash? eBay can be a great little money earner. I’ve loved selling on there ever since I was 16!

One of the most common questions I get asked by friends and family is what to sell on eBay followed by ‘how long will it take to list an item on eBay?’

While it requires slightly more effort than other side hustles, here are some reasons I love it so much:

  • You’re physically decluttering your home and saying goodbye to things you no longer love, to make room for the things you do
  • Once you start, you’ll quickly catch the eBay bug and start looking for more things to sell, which equals more cash
  • Selling just one item could make you way more than sitting for hours in front of a screen, filling in surveys for pennies
  • If your items are on auction, you get a real buzz towards the end when there’s a bidding war!

Before we get started, check out my beginner’s guide to selling on eBay, which talks you through how to get started with an eBay account, listing your first item, postage, etc.

Once you’re all set up, you might be wondering what to actually sell on eBay. Am I right? Clothes are the obvious choice, but you can sell pretty much anything on eBay!

Here is my HUGE list of the top 125+ super-easy items to sell on eBay for quick cash…

what to sell on ebay - best clothes & fashion items

Best fashion items to sell on eBay

1. Clothes

2. Shoes – some people even buy ‘well worn’ shoes and smelly socks (it’s not pretty but there’s a market for it!)

3. Designer handbags & purses

4. Jewellery

5. Watches

6. Sunglasses

7. Hats, scarves & gloves

8. Designer shopping bags & packaging

9. Designer dust bags & shoeboxes

best electrical items to sell on ebay

Best electrical items to sell on eBay

10. Computers & laptops

11. Camera & photography equipment

12. Games & consoles

13. DVDs

14. CDs

15. Cassette tapes

16. TVs & Monitors

17. DVDs & VHS players

18. House phone sets

19. TV boxes

20. External hard drives & USBs

21. Mobile phones

22. Routers

23. Computer discs

24. Tape recorders

25. Remote controls

26. Computer accessories – keyboard, mouse, etc.

27. Ink cartridges

28. Printers

29. Cables & wires

30. Radios

31. Vinyl players

32. Chargers

33. Dictaphones

34. Sat nav & car accessories

35. Garden tools – e.g. lawnmower

36. Power tools

37. Fitbit & Apple watches

38. In fact, Any Apple product!

best things to sell on ebay around your home

Best things to sell around the home & in your garage

39. Furniture

40. Gym equipment

41. Musical instruments & accessories

42. Garden furniture

43. Plant pots

44. Curtains

45. Cushions & throws

46. Rugs

47. Candles & incense sets

48. Magazines & newspapers – especially special editions and ones with historical significance!

49. Toolboxes

50. Flooring

51. Tiles

52. Unused bedding & duvet sets

53. Camping equipment

54. Christmas decorations

55. Filofax & planners

56. Coupons

57. Car parts & accessories

58. Posh stationery

59. Clocks

60. Pretty much anything from IKEA

61. Storage boxes

62. Bicycles & accessories

63. Photo frames

toiletries & beauty stuff to sell for extra cash

Best beauty products to sell on eBay

64. Toiletries – hand cream, fancy soap and so on

65. Beauty samples – I suggest bundling loads together to maximise profits!

66. Perfume bottles – both full and empty

67. Hairdryers

68. Hair straighteners

69. Hair curlers

70. Electric razors & epilators

71. Makeup & tanning products – unopened and unused (eBay only allows ‘new’ products to be sold)

72. Skincare items – again, unopened is best

73. Unwanted gift sets

74. Toilet roll – yes, people actually buy cardboard loo rolls in bulk for crafts

75. Subscription boxes – think Birchbox, GLOSSYBOX, etc.

What to sell on eBay from your kitchen

76. Kitchen appliances

77. Kitchen accessories – e.g. kettles, spiralisers, blenders

78. Pots, pans & dinnerware

79. Cups & mugs

80. Pint glasses

81. Biscuit tins

82. Wine bottles

83. Jam jars

84. Cutlery

85. Plates

86. Empty egg cartons & milk bottles

Best kitchen items to sell for cash

Best kids & baby stuff to sell on eBay

87. Toys

88. Board games

89. Books

90. Nursery furniture

91. Prams & trolleys

92. Breast pump machines

93. Plushies & soft toys

94. Monitors

95. Kids clothes

96. Baby jars – for crafts or organising bits and bobs

97. Unused muslins & bibs etc.

98. Baby activity mats

99. Mobiles & night lights

Best DIY, arts & crafts stuff to sell

100. Sewing machine

101. Ribbon

102. Wool yarn

103. Sewing boxes

104. Needle cases

105. Craft bundles from leftover projects

106. Knitting needles & pins

107. Buttons

108. Stitch patterns & designs

109. Card

110. Wallpaper

111. Fabric samples

112. Paint samples

113. Paintbrushes

114. Craft magazines

brac stuff from your attic for ebay

Best items to sell from your attic

115. Memorabilia

116. Postcards

117. Stamps

118. Coin collection

119. Antique furniture & home accessories – vases, etc.

120. Paintings & artwork

121. Costumes

122. Vinyl collection

123. Collectables & ornaments

124. Instruction manuals & packaging

125. Storage boxes

126. Pocket mirrors

127. Cigarette cases

128. Vintage posters

129. Cult music or movie paraphernalia

jewellery and accessories ebay

How to maximise sales on eBay

As you can imagine, some items will sell quickly but others will take a little longer.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Luxury items, designer brands, and vintage stuff will be more in demand than unbranded or every day brands, so prioritise listing high-value items first. These will attract more views and may help you get exposure for less valuable items too
  • Items that look appealing and give more detail will always sell faster! Ask a friend to look over your listings and give feedback – could you improve your photos or add a better description?
  • You will never get back what you paid for a used item so be realistic with pricing. Try searching for similar items in the ‘sold’ tab to get a rough idea of how to price your product to sell
  • Look at the condition of your item and be honest. Think, ‘would I want to buy this?’ – if not it might be better to recycle it, which you can still get something for!

What are you waiting for? It’s time to get listing…

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